Greenlights For NonProfit Success

Running a successful nonprofit requires dedication, skill and proper management. An organization may have the right idea, but fail in fully reaching its potential. Greenlights.org is the solution to increasing such an organization’s performance. Organizations that need to move to the next level or improve their management, governance and service delivery will find the perfect partner in Greenlights. Greenlights was started over ten years ago with the aim of helping nonprofits achieve their goals.

Located in Austin, Texas, Greenlights for nonprofit success serves nonprofits in the Central Texas area through various programs and services. Greenlights provides services to hundreds of nonprofits, regardless of their size or mission focus. This is done through the unique Greenlights approach, which aims at meeting each organization at their present position and working with them towards optimizing their functions.

Free or Affordable Services & Resources To Help Nonprofits Succeed

Working with Greenlights offers nonprofits various services. These focus on the areas of Board Development, Leadership Advancement, Resource Development, Strategy and Planning, and Financial Management. Each of these areas plays a major role in the success of any nonprofit. Greenlights gives the appropriate services in these areas and increases the organization’s effectiveness and impact on the community. An assessment is done to determine the organization’s current position. After this, a customized plan is developed to carry out the necessary training and development, leading to improved functionality.

501 (c) Support and Consulting

Greenlights also started the 501 (c) Community. This is a secure forum where nonprofit professionals, board members and volunteers meet to share their experiences, ask questions and form networks. The main purpose of this community is to strengthen the entire nonprofit sector. The benefits of joining Greenlights include registration for the 501 (c) community, access to the online resource library, free workshop vouchers, free website posting, a free hour of consulting, opportunity to recruit board members at the board summit, access to workshops and summits, and much more.

Greenlights may be engaged at different levels. Individuals and organizations may make a tax deductible donation to support the work carried out, sponsor a program or event, become a business partner, or join the Greenlights 501 council. Getting involved with the work that Greenlights does is a great contribution to the nonprofit world and will go a long way towards overall community improvement.

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