How Much Does Office Space Cost in Austin Tx?

How much does office space cost in Austin, Tx?  That depends on the type of office space and location you are looking in.  Class A and B office space typically cost more than C.  Average Office space lease rates in Austin tend to be the highest in downtown, followed by Southwest Austin.

Downtown Austin office space has historically been occupied by government, lobbyist, and lawyers, however the last couple of years tech and software companies have been piling in.  In most cases lease rates are going to be $35 to $40 sf, however there are a handful of older class C buildings that cost around $20 to $22 sf.  Expect to pay for parking!  Monthly parking fees typically run $125 to $175 per month per space for non-reserved parking.

Southwest Austin doesn't have a lot of office space options however they are mainly class A.  Lease rates typically run from $$28 to $32 sf.  The few class B office spaces that are available are quoting $22 to $24 sf.

West Austin primarily consists of medical office space and class B space.  average lease rates are $24 to $27 sf

Northwest Austin has a lot of class B space with lease rates averaging $23 to 24 sf.  A lot of new class A space has been built in the last few years also with quoted lease rates of $28 to $34 sf

Northeast Austin has the lease expensive lease rates in town.  Lots of nonprofit organizations, startups, and other companies on a budget lease space here.  Lease rates typically run anywhere from $18 to $22

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