How the Affordable Healthcare Act is Affecting Medical Real Estate

medical office space & ACABecause of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) there has been an influx of newly insured patient populations that has many healthcare professionals wondering how that affects their Medical commercial real estate strategies.

Jon Boley with HSA PrimeCare interviewed a few C-Level healthcare executives to find out how they thought the ACA affected their healthcare real estate strategies.  For the most part they all had the same thing to say however there were a few trends taking place because of the ACA.

Some of the trends occurring are:

  1. Strategic partnerships between hospitals/healthcare systems and universities and other healthcare institutes.  This is enabling each of them to extend their service offerings in areas that they would not otherwise be able to do.
  2. As physician practices are acquired they must decide whether or not to integrate physicians into a multi-specialty facility or let them practice in their existing location
  3. Consolidation of physician practices to reduce inefficiencies and redundant administrative needs

You can read more about how the ACA is affecting healthcare real estate here

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