How To Lease Warehouse Space

how to rent warehouse spaceWhile the process of searching for and finding warehouse space is similar to the process of searching for office space there are a lot of additional needs and differences one must consider.  Below are a few things to consider and find out the answers to make sure that the warehouse property you are considering can meet your business needs.

Obvious Industrial Space Considerations

  • Size space you need in SF?
  • Ideal layout – What percent office space vs warehouse?
  • Ideal location?
  • Monthly rental budget?
  • Desired Move in date? (e.g. what is the farthest N, S, E, or W that you would consider going?)

Specific Warehouse Space Needs

  • What percent of the space do you need warehouse vs office space?
  • Do you need the warehouse space to be air conditioned or is hot warehouse ok?
  • What type of loading area do you need?  Dock high, semi doc, or grade level?
  • How high do you need the ceilings to be (aka clear height)?
  • How will your shipments be delivered?  18 wheeler or UPS size truck?
  • Do you need the ability for the truck to back up to your space or do you use a forklift?
  • Will you be storing hazardous chemicals?
  • Do you need any special ventilation?
  • Do you need to be near an airport or seaport?

Warehouse quoted lease rates

As you view warehouse properties make sure to ask the landlord what the quoted rates are (base and NNN) AND find out what ALL is included in the rent.  Find out who pays for what.  Some landlords quote rates differently than others so it’s important to know who is responsible for items such as hvac maintenance and repairs, utilities, taxes, landscaping, etc.. For example when renting Austin warehouse space tenants are typically responsible for all the repairs and maintenance of any HVAC units.

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