How to Poo at the Office

how_to_poo_at_the_office_spaceHave you ever wondered what the proper etiquette is when taking a poo at the office?  For example what would you do or say if your boss walks in on you in the bathroom and your being a bit “loud” or “smelly”?  Or the toilet paper rolls underneath to the next stall?  Or maybe you use too much toilet paper and it clogs and overflows right as your boss is walking in?

We all know that taking a poo is gross.  And because of that the acting of doo-dooing while at the office can be awkward and intimidating, especially around your co-workers, bosses, and clients.  Sometimes to avoid those situations employees choose to go elsewhere or hold it…………which is never a healthy alternative!

Well you’re in luck……….I have found the solution for us all!  I just came across this book that has the answers to all our problems and fears.

The book How to Poo at Work is the #1 guide on how to take care of #2 at the office.  It’s the go to manual to doo-doo with dignity under the stress and embarrassment of having to take care of your business in the presence of co-workers, bosses, and clients.  It’s complete with step by step instructions and diagrams (for those who are visual learners) and has a solution for every situation.

If you want to climb the corporate ladder this is a must read.  You will be guaranteed that number 2 will not keep you from being number 1 at the office 🙂

Or if your looking for a good white elephant gift for your office holiday party look no further!


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