How to Rent Office Space – #1 Identify Needs

how to rent office space step oneBefore  you begin searching for office space it’s important to spend some time and think about how you will use the office space and what it will be used for.

Many people are in too big of a rush to start looking before they even know what they need.  A good practice is to sit down with an architect or space planner and thoroughly discuss your wants and needs.  Answering the following questions will help get you started.

Clients and Visitors

  • Will clients or visitors ever need to come to our office?
  • Who will be visiting our office (if anyone)?
  • How often will we be getting visitors?
  • Do we need to project a certain image to clients and visitors?
  • How long to our clients or visitors typically stay?
  • Where are my clients or customers located?
  • Where are my key partners located
  • What do we want them to see when they come in?

Employee and Company Executives

  • Where do my company executives live?
  • Where do my employees live?
  • What means of transportation do our employees use to get to work?

Employee Recruitment, Retention, & Satisfaction

  • Where is all the talent located?
  • What are our competitors doing with their spaces?
  • Are there more jobs than good talent?
  • What can we do to increase our recruitment & retention rates?
  • How can we incent our staff to work longer?
  • How do we increase productivity?
  • How can our employees have fun at work however still be productive?

Office Layout

  • Do we need storage space?
  • Do we need a reception area?
  • What about conference rooms?
  • Open office or hard walled office configuration?
  • How many offices do we need?
  • Break area?
  • Game room?

These are just a few questions to get you started that you should consider before starting your search for office space.  Again a good space planner or architect can really help you think through this.

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