Info Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Needs To Help You Find Space

When you engage a commercial real estate agent to help you find office, retail, or warehouse space to lease or purchase it’s important to share with them both your ideal needs and wants during your initial meeting with them.  The more information you can share the better job your agent can do to ensure they find you a commercial space that meets your ideal size, location, growth needs, and budget.

This is not the time to hold anything back!  You also want to let them know what you can live with and without.  If there are any deal breakers now is the time to let them know.  This will allow them to weed out all the spaces that will not accommodate your current and future needs so you don’t waste time looking at those.  Additionally, knowing everything about your needs, wants, and financial situation, your agent will be armed with the information needed to create some leverage against listing agents and landlords during negotiations to ensure you get the lowest rates and best terms possible.

Whether you are leasing or buying office, retail, or warehouse space, the next time you meet with a commercial real estate agent below are a few things you will want to share with them:

  • Size of space needed
  • Ideal location
  • Monthly rent budget
  • Configuration of space
  • Ideal move in date
  • Expansion needs
  • Parking needs
  • Your financials and credit strength
  • Where you are currently located and why you are moving
  • Your current lease expiration date
  • Amenities needed in the building and/or in the area
  • Special equipment that you maybe using
  • Signage required
  • Security needed
  • Storage needed
  • Special power or electrical needs
  • Tenant mix
  • Visibility
  • Proximity to customers and/or suppliers
  • Building hours needed
  • Environmental needs
  • Zoning needs
  • Floor loads
  • Waste disposal needs
  • Type of loading needed (e.g. grade level or dock high)
  • Rail access needed
  • Ceiling heights
  • Any spaces previously seen and any brokers used
  • Any other special requirements
  • Etc……

If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  512-861-0525

We also offer more information about Austin Commercial Real Estate https://www.austintenantadvisors.com/blog

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