iPad or iPhone Apps that Can Save You Time in Commercial Real Estate!

There are a lot of iPad and iPone applications (Apps) that I have found to be very useful in my commercial real estate business, however I think I am just scratching the service on the possible uses.  Below are some of my favorite Apps to use that have saved me a tremendous amount of time.  I would love to hear about how others are successfully using these tools so please reply with any that you are using!

Evernote.com – This one is my alltime favorite.  Remember the days of having little yellow stickynotes all over your desk or notebook?  Now I am able to enter all my notes here via Ipad or Iphone.  I am able to create notebooks for each of my topics and I can search all notebooks to find that one particular note that I may have jotted down last year.

Dropbox.com – This is basically a virtual hard drive that allows you to digitally store and share documents, photos, and videos.  Great tool for sharing flyers and floor plans with clients and brokers.  Remember all the client tour books you would make by prining off flyers and floor plans and then binding them to share with clients?  Not anymore with this app.  Now I upload all that info to dropbox and then hand my client an iPad to view them as we tour.

Walkscore.com – This is great for retail users and people looking for the most walkable friendly locations!  Allows you to enter an address and find out how many minutes it would take someone to walk to the nearest retail, neighborhoods, and other nearby places.

BatchGeo.com – Need a map overview of a list of addresses?  Simply enter your list of addresses and a google map overview will be created.  Great for showing users of real estate how far certain commercial real estate properties are from each other.  Can color code and label each location.

MagicPlan – Using your Iphone you can measure rooms and draw up a simple floor plan by taking pictures.  It will then allow you to send the plan in PDF format via email or text.

Scanner Pro – This is basically a mobile scanner using your Iphone or Ipad.  Simply take a picture of whatever you want (receipts, documents, etc..) and then you can email or text the pdf document or you can upload to Dropbox or Evernote or to your hard drive.

Skitch – This is owned by Evernote.  It allows you to take a photo and then make annotations, markups, shapes, sketches on the photo.  Pretty cool for when you are trying to visually explain something on a photo to someone who can’t see it in person.

Any other ipad or iphone Apps that you can recommend?  If so I would love to hear about them.

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