What Kind of Office Space Do You Need?

real estate1There are lots of available office spaces in Austin; they come in different shapes, sizes and classes. You can find old houses, which were converted to be an office, and you can also find offices in tall buildings in the city. The classes or categories of office spaces depend on the marketplace, age of the building, type of construction, etc… It is also dependent on the broker or landlord listing of a property.

You can find below the basic classifications of an Austin office:

1.  A traditional office space is a typical multi-story building with multiple tenants in it. Within the building, tenants share the same bathroom, lobbies and hallways. The landlord or property manager in this kind of office space is usually the one in-charge of maintenance, cleaning and upkeep.

2.  Class C office usually has a lower rental rate compared to the others because it’s typically older with lower quality finishes from the outside to the inside, and are typically found is less desirable areas.

3.  Class B office spaces have a few architectural details and also come in a budget-friendly rate.  They are typically newer than class C and have been maintained very well.

4.  Class A office spaces have a higher quality of architecture and industrial details. These spaces come with amenities like parking, communications, fitness centers and delis. However, Class A office spaces also come with a much higher rental rate.

5.  Flex space is semi industrial space which are typically single-story buildings and each tenant has their own private restrooms and own exterior entrance.  Flex buildings can sometimes be used as both warehouse and office space.  Some companies that have needs for small warehouse space but also office space find these to work well.  Lease rates are also typically half that of traditional office space.

6.  The Executive office suites are often a short-term or a temporary office space. This type of rental in Austin is being paid on a month-to-month basis.

7.  You can opt for a Virtual office space if you just need a receptionist answering your calls and/or an address and do not really need an office in its physical form.

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