Lazy Commercial Real Estate Listing & Landlord Agents

Lazy commercial real estate agentsIs it wrong to expect a commercial real estate agent who lists and leases commercial properties for landlords & building owners to be responsive and provide all the info necessary to prospects no matter how small or large?

If I hired a commercial real estate agent to list and lease my commercial properties I would expect them to promptly respond to every call and email no matter how large OR SMALL the lead or prospect is.  If the prospect needed a flyer, floor plan, and lease rate information I would expect my agent to promptly send it to them.  I would also expect them to make sure that everyone knows what spaces are & will be available, and do whatever it takes to get my property 100% leased.

The other day I was working on researching retail space options for a client of mine.  I called and emailed a commercial agent to find out if any of his properties would work for our use (I explained to him exactly what we were looking for and what our use was).  He is a nice guy, however do you want to know how he responded?

“Hi Nathan, here is a link to our website.  If you see anything of interest on there let me know and we can go from there”.

Since he is the listing agent on those properties he should pretty well know which ones will and will not work for our use.    To just respond by giving someone a link to a website does not show any initiative from my perspective.

As a commercial property owner I would want to know how my agents respond to prospects.  It floors me when agents are so lazy that they lose track of what’s important here:  To do whatever it takes to get your buildings owners properties 100% leased, to promptly respond to all prospects no matter how large or small.

Is that too much to ask……or am I crazy?

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