Lease Retail Space in 8 Steps

It can be challenging to lease a retail space for your business without compromising your interests.  You need to understand how the lease terms work and you need to learn how to negotiate properly. Read below to learn how to lease retail space in 8 steps:


You need to do A LOT of research on the place you want to put up your business. You can drive around the town and look for standalone retail space. You can also search online to scout a great location for your business.


You need to determine first on how much you are willing to spend every month for your retail space. It is best to have an amount in mind for your retail space or on how much are you willing to spend for it. Commercial retail lease rates are usually in dollars per square foot per year.

In some cases, there are some retail spaces that require you to pay for the area maintenance that is dollar amount per month.

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