Move Date Office Relocation Checklist

office relocation checklistSo you have found your ideal office space and signed the lease.  Your work is not done yet as now you have the prepare, plan, and execute the relocation.  If you follow a plan you can make this process stress free.  Below is a general checklist to help guide you.

Communication About the Office Move

  • Give you existing landlord plenty of notice
  • Interview moving companies and choose one
  • Create a list of all your vendors, clients, and other business associates that should be aware of your move
  • Communicate with your employees about the move and give them instructions and timelines
  • Call you insurance company to add the new landlord as an additional insured.  Technically before you sign the lease you want to contact your insurance company to make sure you can get the appropriate amount of insurance.

Before the Office Move Day

  • Call the property manager to reserve the freight elevators for the move date
  • Schedule a time with the property manager and contractor to walk through the space and create a punchlist
  • Contact your existing phone/internet service providers to set up services
  • Contact USPS to file a change of address
  • Take inventory of all furniture
  • Order new furniture if needed
  • Order new stationery
  • Ensure you get all necessary permits and licenses
  • Send change of address mailers and/or emails to all vendors, clients, etc.
  • Schedule a meeting at the new location with all your vendors and employees involved in the move to ensure all are aware of timelines and plan.
  • Order building access cards and suite keys for all the employees
  • Schedule a time for all employees to tour the new space
  • Create emergency procedures for new location
  • Have all the employees box up their personal stuff

Office Move Day

  • Have all furniture, computers, phones, etc all moved to the new location
  • If cubicles have the vendors set up and wire as needed
  • Have AC or heat turned on
  • Have all employees take any personal items with them to the new location

After the Move

  • Schedule a walk through with the mover to ensure all items have been delivered and in good condition
  • Send all the employees the new phone extensions
  • Digitally store all the furniture and equipment warranties 
  • Collect all the old building access cards and suite keys from the employees for the old space and return them to the previous landlord
  • Send a press release about the new move
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