How Much Office Space Do I Need Per Employee?

Office Space CalculatorCalculating how much office space to lease per employee is not an exact science.  It depends on multiple factors including whether you have an open office layout or hard walls, employee job functions, an how many parking spaces are available in the building.  A general rule of thumb however is you will need anywhere between 150 sf to 225 sf of office space per person depending on the type of business and employee job functions.

The office space estimates below are a good start to help you determine your office space needs.  You can also check out our handy office space calculator to help you determine how much space to lease or buy.

  • CEO or President’s Office – 150 to 400 square feet
  • Executives Office – 100 to 200 square feet
  • Average office sizes for managers and other personnel – 100 to 150 square feet
  • Open office areas – 50 to 110 square feet depending on if in cubicles, desks, or shared tables
  • Conference Rooms – 25 to 30 square feet per person
  • Reception area – 100 to 200 square feet for receptionist and 2-4 visitors.  200 to 300 square feet for receptionist and 6-8 visitors

Again if you want to easily calculate your office space needs check out our office space calculator

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