How Much to White Box a Commercial Space?

white box deliveryWhen searching for commercial retail space for lease you will typically find it in shell condition (brand new) or 2nd generation (meaning there was a previous tenant).  When you are negotiating the lease with a landlord they will typically deliver the space “as is” or in white box condition.

What does it mean when a landlord agrees to White box a retail space?

Simply stated it means that they will build out the space with heating & cooling with delivery systems, finished dropped ceiling with white tiles, standard lighting, electrical switches and outlets as per city code, 1-2 restrooms (the # depends on city code, use, and square footage & one must be ADA, demising walls that are prepped for painting, and a concrete floor.

How much does it cost to white box a commercial space?

That number really depends on your city and commercial real estate market, however in Austin, Tx average white box costs range from $30 to $45 sf.

If you have any other questions about white box feel free to give us a call.

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