New Kind of Co-Working: Share an Office With Friends

Co-working has been around for a while now and for a lot of startups it’s the best thing to initially consider before leasing your own office space.  For some small business owners and freelancers co-working space is not ideal.  Because of their business needs they would rather have their own office space and not have to follow any particular co-space rules.

From my experience a lot of small businesses have a lot of inefficient or barely used office space.  Sharing space with others will allow you to save money and ensure that no space is wasted.  Why not share space with another business that compliments yours?  And if they happen to be your friends, even better!

If you are considering co-working or sharing space with business partners or friends below are a few tips:

  • Be respectful of others time and space
  • Choose someone with a business that compliments yours.  It’s nice to be able to share leads or bounce ideas off each other
  • Buy furniture that is efficient, comfortable, functional
  • Have some general office rules in place

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