Office Space Design Trends to Consider

design trends in office spaceWhether you’re settled in your current office setup or looking for a new space to lease, there are office space design trends to consider nowadays. The trends go beyond aesthetic, but also factors in productivity, practical functions and savings. Here are some office design trends to consider.

1.  Open Workspaces

The usual cubicles with high dividers and panels are slowly going away, replaced by a more open layout. The dividers or panels are lowered to allow more interactions and collaborations with sufficient area when privacy is needed. This enhances communication, creativity and a more productive environment.

2.  Flexible Workstations and Spaces

Acknowledging that one size does not fit all, workstations can now be adjusted according to users’ body built. One common solution is an adjustable desk height, thus employees avoid having to hunch while working on computers. A flexible workstation also allows an employee whose job is tied onto a desk to stand and still work at a comfortable level. Some workstations can even be moved around allowing employees to collaborate from one team to another when working with different projects.

3.  Shared Space

With the popularity of telecommuting and the ever-changing roles in an organization, shared spaces are now being introduced. That means an employee is not assigned a specific workstation, instead, they can reserve a space when they need to work in the office. Departments who are often out of the office, such as sales, don’t need a permanent workspace. Instead of letting assigned workstations bare in their absence, other employees can use the space instead and maximize utilization.

Shared private rooms equipped with tables, chairs, phones, laptop and internet connections are also in trend in office worldwide. This gives employees some a sense of privacy in an otherwise open-space environment, where they can make phone calls, hold small meetings, and even conduct interviews or performance discussions.

4.  Smaller Space

In a way to address the recession and save money from rent, offices are now maximizing available floor space with filing systems integrated into workstations. Well-designed office furnishings make use of the vertical space to allow more people to work in smaller area.

5.  Integrated Technology

Workstations, meeting rooms and office furnishings are can now be equipped with connections to hook up to a telecommunications system, LAN, and a power source. These connectivity options are accessible on the desk or the side of the furnishings instead of having to crawl under the table to connect.

Adopting these office space design trends into your workspace will not only give your work environment a much needed lift. It will also help your organization adopt to the way work is being done today and in the future.

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