Open Office Space Plans Are Distracting Places to Work?

According to this article by businessweek.com open office space plans are distracting places to work!  Over 70% of employees work in open office space layouts says the IMFA.  Many companies are moving towards open environments to encourage collaboration and socialization however some are forgetting about the need to focus and concentrate.  In most cases workers spend more time concentrating on important tasks than they do on collaborating tasks.

The key is to create a variety of rooms that will accommodate the different needs we have for specific tasks……..needs for focus and quite, collaboration, socialization, and learning.  Not every employee is able to effectively work in the same environment.  Get your employees involved and build out your office space based on job functions and employee preferences.  No…..you can’t accommodate every employee need or want however if you engage them in the design process surely you can come up with something that makes the majority of them productive and happy.

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