Printable Checklist To Use When Looking at Office Spaces for Rent

questions-to-ask-office-space-landlordsIf you are about to go look at office spaces for rent the below information is important to know so that you can do a thorough apples to apples comparison of each building and space. It’s imperative that you ask landlords all the right questions about their office buildings and spaces however after viewing a bunch of spaces all the information seems to run together. This office space checklist will make your note taking much easier AND ensure that you don’t forget to ask all the right questions about each office building & space.

Feel free to print this off and take notes as you tour each office space. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Office Building Information

Name of office building ____________________________________

Office building address ______________________________________

How many stories is the building? __________

Total square feet in the building ___________

Is this a NNN lease or a base year lease? ___________

Asking base rental rate __________

Estimated operating expenses (aka NNN) ________

What is the minimum lease term allowed? _____________

Building parking ratio __________

Is there a building conference room? Yes or No   How is that scheduled? _______________________

Is there a building fitness center? Yes or No    How much does it cost? _________________________

Who is the internet provider(s)? ______________________________________

Are pets allowed? Yes or No

Electric included? Yes or No

Janitorial Included? Yes or No  

Bathrooms in good condition? Yes or No

What level of janitorial service and how many days per week? ________________________

Who is responsible for HVAC maintenance & repairs? Tenant or Landlord

Proximity to restaurants, retail, etc ___________________________

Is the building in a walkable location? Yes or No

Office Space Information

What floor is the space on? ______________

Space suite number ___________________

Total square feet of this space ___________

Number of parking spaces allowed for this space ______________

Existing condition of the space _______________________________________________________

Is there a tenant improvement allowance (TIA)? Yes or No    

What is the TIA amount? _____________________

Number of offices _______

Number of conference rooms _______

Break area? Yes or No

Number of windows _______

How is the cell phone reception? Ok, good, or bad

How many outlets are there? __________

Does the space have existing data cabling? Yes or No

Do we have to remove the data cabling before moving out? Yes or No

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