Questions To Ask Landlord Before Leasing Industrial & Warehouse Space

questions warehouse space landlordsLeasing industrial or warehouse space will be one of your biggest operating expenses so before you sign on the dotted line it’s important to ensure that the warehouse space will meet your business needs and that you know who is responsible for what. For example when negotiating Austin warehouse space for lease tenants are typically responsible for the repair and maintenance of the HVAC units.  Your needs are more than likely different than the next company, however below are a few questions (based on your needs) that you should get the answers to (in writing) before signing a lease.

  1. What total monthly lease rate are you quoting?  Please provide me with your quoted base and operating expenses (nnn).
  2. Is there any common area factor that I have to pay for or do I just pay for the actual usable square footage of the space?
  3. Who pays for electric and water?
  4. What all is included in the base rent as well as the operating expenses (nnn)?
  5. Does the space have an over head door or loading area?  If so is it grade level or dock high?
  6. Is there room for delivery trucks to pick up and deliver my products?  For example can an 18 wheeler back up to my space?
  7. I need to make sure I can receive and ship products.  Can you superimpose a WB-67 template on the properties site plan?
  8. How high are the ceilings in the warehouse?
  9. Does the warehouse have HVAC or is it hot?
  10. Who pays for the maintenance, repair, and/or replacement of the HVAC unit(s)?
  11. What are my signage opportunities?
  12. Am I required to install signage?
  13. What type of power is avaialable on the premises?
  14. What is the zoning of the property?
  15. Are you willing to pay for any tenant improvements?
  16. Who are the other tenants that lease warehouse space on your property?
  17. Am I allowed to park vehicles over night?
  18. What is the parking ratio of your property?
  19. What phone and internet providers service your property?
  20. How long of a lease term do you require?
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