Reasons to Hire a Commercial Realtor When Leasing Office Space

Leasing office space can be one of the biggest expenses you make.  However many businesses don’t take it seriously (e.g. wait until the last minute) and end up paying more than they should or are pressured into lease terms not suitable for their business.  Another common mistake is that they choose to spend their own time and resources when searching for and leasing office space.  Why?  Because they think having a commercial realtor represent them in the search and negotiation of office space will cost them more money.  Or maybe they just like wasting a bunch of their own time for no reason.

It puzzles me why a business owner would you want to risk taking time away from their core business to learn commercial real estate?  Leasing office space might be something they do once every 3-5 years.  Commercial realtors who specialize in office space do this every day and have negotiated 100’s of office lease transactions.  Below I will share with you a few reasons why you should hire a commercial realtor when leasing office space.

Online Office Space Listings are a Waste of Time

Online office space listings are almost always outdated, inaccurate, and lacking all of the information you need to make an informed decision.  There are too many crappy websites trying to game the system by posting information about office buildings just trying to get ranked in Google.

As a commercial realtor who specializes in office space we continuously stay updated on ALL currently listed and unlisted office spaces that you wouldn’t know about on your own.  We  know ALL of the landlords, building owners, and listing agents in town and we work hard to stay updated on available office space so that we can quickly provide you ACCURATE data after knowing your ideal size, location, and budget.  We also pay to have access to the best databases of available spaces.   Bottom line…….this saves you time!

Office Space Negotiation is What We Do as our Full Time Job

Again a business owner may lease office space once every 3-5 years.  We negotiate office space deals every day!  We study and stay updated on market trends, lease comps, comparable buildings, etc. to ensure that we negotiate the best deal possible for you.  We know what to ask and when, and have reviewed 100’s of office lease contracts.  When negotiating on your behalf against landlords we know just the right way to create healthy competition for your tenancy between landlords.  In the end you can have peace of mind that you pulled all the strings to elicit the lowest lease rate and best terms from each landlord.

Our Service Does Not Cost You More Money

Regardless if you have representation or not 100% OF AN OFFICE LEASE COMMISSION IS BEING PAID.  When you hire a commercial realtor they split that fee that is ALREADY being paid.

Building owners typically hire experienced listing agents to market and lease their office buildings and they are ALWAYS paid a commission.  That listing agent negotiates deals everyday, but works hard to get prospective tenants (YOU) to pay AS MUCH as possible.  When you lease office space on your own you are negotiating against an experience listing agent who knows the market well, negotiates leases often, and represents the best interests of the landlord.

By hiring an experienced commercial realtor that specializes in office space tenant representation you are LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD.  We represent your best interests to guide and educate you throughout the office leasing process, and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you get the best deal possible.  We are also paid a leasing commission, however NOT BY YOU.  We split the commission that is already being paid to the listing agent regardless if we help you or not.

So why not put some of this money to work for you?




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