How to Select the Best Commercial Real Estate Expert

best commercial realtor in AustinWhen you are looking to buy or lease commercial real estate just choosing any agent because they work for a big commercial real estate company is a bad idea. You want to make sure that the commercial realtor you choose has the experience, tools, and resources to help you find the right space and negotiate the best deal. Just because they work for a big company does not mean they are a great realtor. Many times the best commercial agents can be found at smaller boutique companies. 

Below are a few guidelines that will help you select the best commercial real estate expert for your company.

  1. Have the Time to Properly Advise You – Overly booked brokers will often pawn you off to more junior agents who do not have much experience. You want to make sure the commercial agent has the time to advise you. 
  2. Treat you Like a Big Company – Sometimes because you are a small company (e.g. only need 1500 sf) a seasoned broker will not give you the time of day. If they do you will not get their full attention. Find one that gives every one of their clients the same “big company” level of service
  3. Not Part of a Large Team – Don’t choose a broker that is part of a large team. The more agents the more the commissions are split. This means that no one person will give you their full focused attention. Also larger brokerage firms take a higher commission cut than smaller ones. This forces their agents to have to juggle way too many opportunities, which means your needs may not be top of mind all the time. Best to go with a smaller, independent company with one primary point of contact
  4. Specialize in the Type of Space You Need – You want to pick one that not only specializes in the geographic area you are interested in, but also the type of space you want to lease or buy. You also want to make sure the commercial agent provides the right services.
  5. No Conflict of Interest – Do not choose a broker that has tons of commercial listings in the area you are considering. If you do there is a good chance they also represent the owner of the building that you are interested in. The best commercial real estate agent my not have any listings at all and focus all of their efforts into representing only tenants and buyers.
  6. Lot’s of Experience – Do pick a brand new broker. It takes many years to learn the business and develop a good working knowledge of the market. Ideally you want a commercial realtor that has at least 5-10 years of experience AND is mature and professional enough to handle complicated transactions.

The Best Commercial Real Estate Agent in Austin

If you are looking for the best commercial realtor in Austin check out Nathan Smith of Austin Tenant Advisors. He has over 12 years of experience representing tenants and buyers and the Austin metropolitan area. For information or help call 512-861-0525

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