Tech Trends Affecting Minimalistic Medical Office Space Design

Tech Trends Affecting Minimalistic Medical Office Space DesignThe common thinking regarding medical office design is that these spaces must follow a particular pattern. Most spaces use the traditional waiting-reception-exam rooms pattern, but there are a number of emerging tech trends that will forever alter the traditional design patterns and allow for excellent functionality while utilizing significantly less square footage.

Get Up, Stand Up
More and more research is demonstrating the negative health consequences of sitting at a desk all day. One solution being incorporated into an increasing number of offices is the standing desk. Monitors are adjustable and wall mounted so that staff can easily adjust them to a comfortable position, whether standing or sitting. Some standing desks even feature treadmills, allowing employees a cardio workout during the workday.

There are a number of benefits to the standing desk concept. These include health benefits for employees because they can change position frequently, improving circulation, as well as the increased employee productivity that comes of decreased discomfort and fatigue. Finally, standing desks take up less space than traditional desks, freeing up space for other uses.

Handheld Technology
Following the trend of personal electronics such as tablets and smartphones, much common diagnostic equipment is getting physically smaller while increasing its functionality. Equipment such as handheld sonogram devices and x-ray machines are reducing space requirements. Because these devices can easily be transported throughout the facility, storage space for larger machines is less of a consideration.

Mobile Health Devices
As the population becomes more tech savvy, Mobile Health Devices will decrease the need for in-person doctor visits. As patients become more comfortable using online technologies, they will increasingly take advantage of mobile healthcare options. This in turn will decrease the number of exam rooms required in medical office spaces. In place of the traditional exam rooms, medical staff will be able to consult with patients via online healthcare technologies in smaller rooms that do not need to house the same equipment as traditional exam rooms, once again reducing space requirements.

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