The Science of Office Space Design

office space design is a scienceIt has already been proven by researchers in this field that our environment affects us physically and mentally. Researchers are currently trying to break this down into more specific aspects to bring office space design to a new level using science.

It has been proven in the field of Social Science, Behavioral science and Neuroscience are all having great influence on workspace design.  Architectural firms like NBBJ that designed the headquarters of Google, Amazon, and Samsung use their tools and research in their workspace designs.

Here are some key elements of a workspace behind the research:

Ceiling Height

Managing partner at NBBJ Scott Wyatt said that the ceiling height of a workspace can affect staff. Higher ceilings enhance conceptual thinking. The big space makes it conducive for staff to overarch connections. Lower ceilings enhance mathematical thinking because it environment would have a more contained effect that is perfect for contained and focused tasks.


The distance of going from one workstation to another is also considered when designing office space. How far will a staff go from his desk to someone else’s desk will affect collaboration and interaction with others.


Basing from Biophilia hypothesis, there is an innate connection between people and other living things and there is a recent study confirmed that visual connection to the outdoors enhances cognitive tasks. Wyatt also added that a view from the sky, fresh air, or a plant could influence the stress level of a person, and this affects productivity.


Visual connections to other people encourage interaction with them. Hence, the impact of visibility should also be considered when designing a workspace.


Light plays an important role in workspace designing. Are you going to use natural light or a florescent glare? A recent scientific studies show that we have a natural response to light. Warm light or lights that have lower temperature enhances cognitive performance. It was also proven to lower stress level.

Human beings are significantly affected by their environment. Design elements have a great impact in our physical and mental performance.

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