Things to Consider When Touring Office Buildings

When you are looking to lease office space and are touring buildings it’s important that you not only look at the characteristics of the space, but also of the building and amenities itself. If you are touring a lot of properties take some notes so that you remember the details of each and what you liked and didn’t like. You will be glad that you did because after looking at 5-10 offices everything starts to look the same and you forget important details and amenities of each one.

Below are a few things to consider as you are touring office buildings

    1. Location – Is it ideal for you, your employees, partners, and clients?
    2. Building – Does the curb appeal and facade mirror the kind of image you are going for?
    3. Parking – Does the building offer plenty of parking for your current and future employees, and clients?
    4. Size – Is the space large enough to accommodate your current and future growth needs?
    5. Layout – Is the space efficient? Does it have enough open space or (private space) hard wall offices to satisfy your operations?
    6. Lighting – Is there enough natural are artificial light for all to enjoy?
    7. Improvements – Is the space great “as is” or would you need to make some improvements to make it work?
    8. Other Tenants – What other tenants are currently in the building? Would having any of them there pose a problem?
    9. Growth Options – At some point you may need to hire more employees. Are you able to get an option to expand if needed?
    10. Amenities – Does the building have a fitness center, cafe, or building conference room? What other amenities would you like access to?

There are many other factors to consider however this list will get you started. If you have any questions about this don’t hesitate to give us a call at 512-861-0525

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