Things to Do in the East Side of Austin, Tx

things to do in east austinHistorically the East side of downtown Austin has primarily been a residential area populated by Mexican-American residents. These days East Austin is a rapidly growing creative landscape complete with music, fashionable arts, studios, galleries, awesome restaurants, food trucks, neighborhood bars and coffee shops, etc.

There is a new interest in what the East side culture and neighborhoods have to offer. While there are more things to do in the East side of Austin that I can write here below are a few of the top things to check out while you are here visiting. Check this out If you are looking for a few things to do in South Austin.

  • Austin Public Library – Carver Branch – East Austin neighborhoods are known for there quirky street art. The awesome Tejano culture has deep roots in the neighborhoods which is evident with all of the murals on office and retail buildings as well as some of the residential fences. One of the largest murals is located on the South wall of the George Washington Carver Branch Library was painted in 1986. The mural is called Voyage to Soulsville and can be seen from the corner of Angelina St and Rosewood.
  • Tejano Walking Trails – These were created by Lori Renteria who thought it would be a good idea to preserve some the Latino culture and history of East Austin in light of the encroaching gentrification. The Tejano Walking Trails guide you passed all the historically marked houses, parks, and churches to remind you of the vibrant Latino culture that was and still is present in East Austin.
  • The White Horse – Is one of the oldest bars in East Austin that hosts quite a few music acts. Most of the shows are free and kids are welcome also. If you want to experience a very cool local vibe check this place out.
  • The Victory Grill – At a time that Austin was segregated Johnny Holmes wanted a place where the black soldiers coming home from WWII could have a beer so he opened this place. It’s still used for education and and private events today.
  • Walter E Long Lake – This is also known as Decker Lake. Is a power plant cooling reservoir. It’s open for boating and fishing and other recreational uses. Fisherman frequently catch largemouth bass and hybrid striped bass.

East Austin is quickly going through gentrification. I don’t think the history and culture will ever completely go away or be forgotten however you gotta check it out. Everyone that lives and works in East Austin are nice, cool, and eclectic. As you explore you will quickly learn how laid back and easy going everyone is. 

Also, if you really want to immerse yourself into the culture of East Austin rather than stay in a traditional hotel you might consider checking out some of the short term home rentals.

Before opening a new business feel free to contact us to learn more about East Austin.

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