Things Employees Want Most Out of Their Office Space

Things Employees Want Most Out of Their Office SpaceObviously when companies lease office space they have to keep their bottom line in mind however they also need to ensure that their employees are happy, productive, and never want to leave.

Employees want their office space to:

  • Be close to lots of amenities (restaurants, retail, dry clean, etc.)
  • Be as close to home as possible
  • Have flexibility allowing them to work anywhere in the space they want
  • Have a coffee or drink bar
  • Have snacks
  • Be an extension of who they are
  • Motivate them to be collaborative and productive
  • Be fun!
  • Enhance their well-being, creativity, and engagement

These days office space is being used as a tool to attract, recruit, and retain top talent.  People are your companies best assets so if you want to maximize talent you need to lease and design office space that transforms your business.  Employees spend more waking time in the office than anywhere else so you need to create and give the stimuli they need in their work environment.  It’s hard to calculate however a well designed office space does create returns.  Some companies look at office space as a cost, some look at it as an investment, but either way, you’re going to have to spend something.

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