Thinking Outside the Cubicle Box When Designing Office Space

Thinking Outside the Cubicle Box When Designing Office SpaceOffice designs has changed throughout the years as companies become more aware of the relationship of physical environment on the well-being, happiness and productivity of employees. Thus, the advent of more open and creative office spaces.

Internet-based businesses popularized this office design which clearly break away from the usual cubicle box. This design has attracted a lot of millennials. In fact, now over 70 percent of U.S. employees work in open-office environments.

If you are thinking of investing in your office space, here are 5 innovative office space designs that will inspire you.

Google’s Zurich Office

Google’s offices are really incredible places. Everybody is aware of Google’s reputation for having a cool, fun, workspace.  Their Zurich office is surreal. They’re filled with all sorts of odd, playful touches that allow employees to have fun while working or during breaks.  The company values creativity and they have invested heavily on creating an environment that will help their employees be innovative and creative.

AOL’s Palo Alto Headquarters

AOL’s office has embraced “Google’s approach”. Using fresh designs, lots of color, and creating relaxation areas to keep their employees happy.  AOL’s lovely Palto Alto headquarters is designed as “a spatial equivalent to the transparency that AOL was bringing to every aspect of its business.”

Facebook’s Palo Alto Headquarters

What can you expect from a social media giant? Everything innovative and it’s all about knowing and giving what their audience wants. In this case, their employees.  It’s not a surprise that Facebook considered polling their employees to ask “what was most desirable to have in the workplace.”  The result? An office the ideal place for both work and play.

YouTube’s San Bruno Office

When Google purchased YouTube, they made huge changes to their San Bruno headquarters. They’ve introduced wide open floor plans intended to increase collaboration and help employees relax and enjoy their work environment enough to come up with new ideas.  They also have a gym, room for segways to to move about, and a putting course.  Based on YouTube’s growth, it seems like their office space design is working.

Why the new designs?

Millennials like flexible work hours and locations.  Open office space designs allow them to have the freedom to move around, socialize, collaborate, and use their portable technology.

Since we work with so many company’s we get the opportunity to see lots of open office space designs and we get to see what works and what does NOT work………meaning we are able to share best practices.  If you are interested in learning about great ideas for your company workspace feel free to give us a call and we can discuss.  Also, if you are looking for office space in Austin, Tx we would love to find you the perfect space and try out some of these unique office space design ideas.


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