Tips for Finding Medical Office Space

doc_photostockFinding the right space for your medical practice can be a challenge. There are many things to consider before making a move, including ensuring your lease will be long-term in order to balance the expense that will be required for the office space build out.

In a recent blog I shared the top 3 considerations when planning for new office space. These tips still apply as it is important to gather a full understanding of budget considerations. However, there are a few additional points that are more specific to obtaining medical office space.

Some of the top considerations for medical office space include:

  1. Location – Patients want to find practices that are close to home, work and school to make it easy on their schedules. Take time to understand where the majority of your patients live so that you can stay in a easily accessible location for your patients and your staff.
  2. Lease Exclusivity Clauses – Many times building owners will offer an exclusivity clause to larger practices. For example, if you request to be the only dental practice in the building. It is important to ask early on in the process if this is something that is important to your business.
  3. Tenant Improvements – Find out what the costs for build out will be and what is covered by the building owner and what you will need to plan to cover. Ensure you get to review all plans and review bids from contractors chosen.
  4. Special Uses – Make sure the property  meets requirements for medical space. Medical offices typically require hazardous waste collection and disposal and/or city compliance.
  5. ADA – The building must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) so ensure that information is provided to you.

There are many others including longer lease terms, a death and disability clause, landlords right to relocate, liens on medical equipment and others.

It is important to research, ask questions and request official documentation.  Austin Tenant Advisors can also help in the process to ensure that your business is protected.

Our customer,  Dr. Brent Rigby, Rigby Advanced Dental shares  his experience. Let us know how we can help make your process easier.

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