Tips for Your Office Space from The Office

Even if you haven’t seen many episodes of The Office during its nine year run, you know the show doesn’t provide many good examples of how to run an office or to handle your office space. While hysterical and entertaining on TV, you wouldn’t want any crazy situations like these to happen to you.

Over the years, the show has offered many hilarious examples of what not to do at your own office, and things to look for when you’re leasing space for your workers. Reminisce about some of the greatest moments from The Office on cable TV reruns, and take some notes from Michael and Dwight’s mistakes to keep your office space running smoothly.

Fire Safety Preparedness

From The Office: In the season 5 episode “Stress Relief,” Dwight starts a fire in the office because he thinks no one will be prepared in the event of a real fire. He cuts the phone line, locks everyone in and makes the fire situation much more chaotic than it should have been. You surely remember seeing Kevin breaking the vending machine, Oscar climbing into the ceiling to get help, and Angela throwing her cat up to him yelling, “Save Bandit!”

In your office space: To avoid a crazy situation like this, make sure all of your employees are prepared. Hold annual or biannual fire drills in your office space to keep everything under control, and to keep the fire safety plan fresh in your mind. Before leasing office space, look for a building with fire escapes and safe ways to exit the building in the event of a fire. The safety of your employees is a top concern and you’ll want to make sure everyone can work safely in your office space.

Security Systems

From The Office: As the new building owner, Dwight sets up his own version of a security system. In “A.A.R.M.,” he sets up a high-security door from a jewelry store that Erin only opens if you reply with the correct response to her random statement – an answer that Dwight emails out to each employee every morning. Say the response wrong and you’re blasted by steam.

In your office space: Make sure you have a good security system the works properly at your office space. If the building doesn’t come with a security system, ask your landlord about installing one for you, or if you’re able to install one yourself.


From The Office: In “Crime Aid,” the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch is robbed after Michael and Holly leave the building without locking the door. The employees come to work the next day to find their computers stolen and the office looted.

In your office space: Be sure that your leased office space comes with secure doors, windows and locks so you can avoid a stolen computer situation. Make sure the last person to leave each night locks the doors and consider a security guard or alarm system as well.

If you’re a fan of The Office, you can probably name plenty of other office lessons learned from the show, like the time Andy punched a hole in the wall, when vandals painted over Pam’s mural in the warehouse, or when Michael tries to drive the forklift. When you lease office space, remember to look for ways to keep your employees safe and happy at work, and leave the crazy workplace happenings in reruns of The Office.

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