Tips in Seeking Serviced Office

office space 4Flexioffices was established to provide virtual and serviced office spaces to those who seek office space especially those who are just starting their business. Its founder, Paul Slinn, shared some tips that can really help.

A Serviced Office is a flexible space that allows the tenants to pay a monthly due that includes lease rates, service charge, heat, lighting, cleaning, office furniture, shared kitchen and reception facilities. Other fees such as internet and telephone bills are charged separately.

Serviced Offices are utilized by companies regardless of its type: start-ups, small business, mid-sized business and multi-national companies. Spotify, British Airways, BBC, Transport for London, Disney, IBM, HP, Pizza Express, DreamWorks, Adecco are among the 1,000 clients of Flexioffices.

Start-ups and small-sized companies can really benefit from Serviced Offices because of the flexible contract agreements, availability of the office space within a short notice, option for tenant to move spaces depending on the business size, and the package that comes with the office space: furniture, telephone and internet lines as well as reception facilities, conference rooms and rooms for call answering.

By occupying a space in a business incubator, start-up and small business will be entitled to a subsidized low lease price. Another benefit is the knowledge sharing and partnership with other business owners who also rent within the center.

Before you move in, search for other alternatives and compare the rental rates. If possible, conduct an interview to the current occupants for background information. Know the rules that are being implemented as well as the schedule of cleaning. Verify if the space is in the right location. Decide how much space you need. Take note that the price of serviced office is based on the number of users. Lastly, check the available facilities as well the small print in the contract.

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