Top Cities that Offer Work From Home Jobs

cities offering work from home jobsAccording to Indeed in 2017 job seekers searching for work from home or remotely anywhere increased by 385%. The number of people looking for jobs that allow them to work from home continues to increase year over year, especially with so many new technologies and software that make it easy to do so.

Below are the Top cities that offer jobs which allow you to work from home.

  1. New York, NY – 486
  2. Chicago, IL – 425
  3. San Francisco, CA – 329
  4. Atlanta, GA – 268
  5. Houston, Tx – 247
  6. Dallas, Tx – 233
  7. Denver, CO – 231
  8. Seattle, WA – 220
  9. Austin, TX – 219
  10. Boston, MA – 219
  11. Washington, DC – 206

For some companies having employees work from home or remotely works just fine. However at some point if you continue to grow your headcount in a particular city you may want to rent satellite offices so your employees are able to collaborate. If you have any questions about leasing remote or satellite office spaces give us a call.

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