Top Ten Requirements for Medical Office Space

top medical office space needsWhen looking for medical office space to lease there are many factors that must be considered to ensure the practice is successful.  Below are the top 10 based on an article that appeared in the Orlando Medical News website.

The number one factor affecting a physicians decision when leasing medical office space is affordability. Obviously the space must be affordable for it to make sense.

Doctors want their patients to be able to find them easily. Access to major roads and highways is key. After existing the highway you want to minimize the number of turns patients must make to get to your office.

Modern looking medical office buildings
Many physicians are now looking for more modern looking buildings as well as ones with current technology. They want their patients to feel warm and invited.

Plenty of parking
With the number of patients coming in and out of the building it’s important to have a parking ratio of at least 4-6 per 1000 square feet leased.

Shell Space vs. 2nd Generation Space
Leasing space that is in shell condition may cost you more up front however if you are able to build it out efficiently and not waste any square footage you will save money in the long run.

Close to other Doctors
Being close to other complementary physicians makes it easier to refer patients to one another.

Close to Ancillary Services
Ancillary services are those such as MRI’s, sleep labs, physical therapy, surgery centers, etc. Being close to these OR having them in-house makes it convenient for patients and doctors to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Close to Outpatient Services
In the past doctors HAD to be near hospitals to be able to perform surgeries and check on patients. Now because there are more and more outpatient services physicians are able to lease space farther away from hospitals where lease rates are typically lower.

Exclusive Clause
If you are a dentist and do not want another dentist to lease space in your building then you need to ask for an exclusive clause in your lease. Some landlords will grant this while others will not.

Depending on your practice signage is important. Check with your landlord AND city to find out what the signage restrictions are and if you are eligible.

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