Value of a Tenant Representation Broker

tenant representation broker valueThe tenant representative is an advocate for the tenant in commercial leasing. This puts the tenant on an equal footing at the negotiating table with the landlord or the landlord’s agent. 

The tenant representative acts either as the local real estate arm of the client or as a local consultant to a corporate real estate department. In many assignments the tenant representative works with CEO’s, real estate departments, financial officers, human resource personnel, division managers, office managers, and legal counsel to develop, define, prioritize, and strategize space solutions for the client’s business needs.

In addition of advocacy, tenant representatives offer clearly valued and definable benefits to their clients

Benefits of a Tenant Representative

Competitive Advantage

A Tenant representatives knowledge of the product and the process will create a professional competitive environment between building owners.


This translates into credibility with property owners, and an ability to minimize the complications of the transaction process.

Market Knowledge

Gives the client greater leverage when dealing with landlord agents or the landlord directly thus a level playing field is established.

Experience & Track Record in the Industry

Assures the client that the agent has successfully handled the types of problems the client is experiencing. Tenants will benefit from the tenant reps experience.

Well-defined Focus on a Narrow Objective

The agent will not be distracted by conflicting interests. Serving the clients best interests will be the only focus.

Vendor Resource

You will have access to the tenant representatives network of vendors such as attorneys, architects, moving companies, contractors, etc…

We have only touched on the value of having a tenant rep in your corner who works on your behalf to find the perfect space and negotiate best deal possible. If you need help in Austin Tx call 512-861-0525.

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