Waller Creek Will Now Remake Downtown Austin (VIDEO)

There has been a huge redevelopment plan for Austin’s Waterloo Park. The purpose behind the project is to save lives from flood. The Waller Creek Tunnel will shoot floodwater into Lady Bird Lake.

There were hopes that it could become Austin’s own version of San Antonio River Walk. Unfortunately, this did not work as planned because nobody comes to Waterloo Park. It was decided to make reconstruction of the said water park and make it a river walk dream come true.

The video was footage inside the Waller Creek tunnel. The tunnel is expected to be finished at the end of 2014. Austin is investing $150 million to the reconstruction of Waller Creek. The flood mitigation plan will use 28 acres of prime downtown real estate for development.

There was also a competition design for the Waller Creek project. The panel chose a plan with Chain of Park’s vision for Waller Creek. Stephanie MacDonald assures everyone that her team will work hard making sure the Creek project will have a public benefit.

Workers are very busy with the Waller Creek project in order for them to meet the 2014 deadline of the flood mitigation tunnel and the massive building project that would turn Austin’s downtown a floodzone-free town!

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