What is a Tenant Representation Broker?

what is a tenant representation brokerTenant representation brokers are commercial real estate agents that focus ONLY on representing the tenant side of commercial real estate leases and purchases. You may also hear them referred to as tenant representatives, corporate real estate services, or tenant advisory services.

Tenant representatives essentially help small and large companies throughout the entire lease process from assessing needs, to identifying and selecting properties, to building out and preparing a space for occupancy. Good brokers are there to advise you from the beginning to the end, even after your initial lease expires and beyond.

What Does a Tenant Rep Do?

There are many benefits to using a tenant representation broker. A tenant rep helps facilitate a commercial real estate lease between a tenant and landlord, however they only represents the tenants best interests in the proposal and contract negotiations. The property listing agent represents the owner of the property (aka landlord) you want to rent space in.

Rather than a tenant going through the process by themselves they can hire a tenant broker who will help with:

  • Making the decision of whether it makes sense to renew the existing lease or relocate to another building
  • Find space that meets the tenants current and future needs
  • Choosing the best location based on demographics, market trends, etc.
  • Negotiating the best deal possible
  • Subleasing excess space
  • Advising on everything related to leasing space and answer all questions
  • Connect the tenant with vendors for furniture, data cabling, data services providers, phone vendors, etc.
  • Advise tenant on other business issues that could be effected by the space they rent
  • Essentially being the virtual real estate company for the tenant looking out for their needs now and in the future.

If you are looking for a Tenant Representative in Austin, Tx give us a call at 512-861-0525 to discuss your needs.


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