What is Class A Office Space?

Office buildings are typically classified (Class A, B, or C) based on factors such as location, age of the building, amenities (e.g. fitness centers, showers, building conference room, deli or food courts, etc), technological capabilities, building infrastructure, quality of hvac systems, and other factors. The ratings are very subjective and can vary depending on the market you are in, the building owners, etc.

What is Class A Office Space?

  • They are typically the newest, best maintained office buildings
  • Often in the best locations (typically in downtown or central locations) or in high income suburban areas
  • They have the latest power & technology capabilities and security
  • Typically have a deli or food court, building conference room, or fitness center with shower, and other amenities
  • Aesthetics complete with high end finishes such as lobbies with marble, glass, & wood
  • They compete for premier office tenants who want to have a great image (e.g. financial, law firms, etc.)

Class A office spaces typically have the most expensive lease rates so it’s important that you make sure it will benefit your company. These days competition for great talent is fierce. If you need to hire the best software engineers then you might consider renting a really nice class A office with amenities that will attract them. If the success of your company depends on having a great image then class A office space might be for you. Take time to consider all your options and if class A office space is what you end up leasing I am sure you are going to enjoy it.

If you need help renting class A office space in Austin Tx feel free to give us a call.

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