What is the Average Cost for Commercial Office Space in Austin Tx?

Average cost for commercial office space in Austin, Tx will vary depending on the type of office building (e.g. Class A, B, or C), location, and how landlords quote their office rental rates.  As you look and and compare office buildings make sure you ask each landlord what ALL is and what ALL is not included in their quoted lease rates.  Some may include electric and janitorial and some may not, however it’s up to you or your tenant representative to know or find out before you sign an office space lease contract.

That being said average rental rates (for all classes and all locations) in Austin, Tx are $25 to $26 SF.  If you are looking for office space in the suburban markets expect to pay $23 to $25 sf on average.  Downtown Austin boasts the most expensive lease rates averaging $33 to $34 sf (all classes) AND expect to pay $37 sf or more for class A space.

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