What Kind Of Commercial Space Do You Need?

commercial spaceWhen looking for the perfect commercial space it’s important to focus on your business needs.  Obviously rent, location, and space size are important considerations however there is more to it than that.  Other factors you need to consider are available parking, nearby competition or complementary businesses, building image, expansion options, etc..

Office Space

If you are strictly an office user and don’t depend on drive by traffic then office space might be suitable for you.  However keep in mind that there are several different types of office space to consider.  Depending on what your needs, budget, and image are there are several types including Class A, B, C (with A being the nicest & most expensive), flex space, and executive & virtual office space.

Retail Space

If you need a brick & mortar location to sell products and services and depend on drive by traffic or people walking in the door to make transactions then retail space is probably a better option for you.  There are many factors to consider when leasing retail space.  Don’t only focus on price when selection retail space.  Typically the most desirable and visible locations are going to be the most expensive.  If you target the cheapest option you could be missing out on a lot of potential traffic.

Warehouse Space

If you receive a lot of shipments either by UPS or 18 wheeler then warehouse space is your best option.  Again there are many factors to consider when leasing warehouse space.  Do you need dock high or grade level loading, high ceilings, or air conditioning in the warehouse?  Do you need drive by traffic or need to be close to the airport?  Do you need a combination of warehouse and office space?   Ask yourself these and other questions before making a decision.

Whether you are a startup or existing business you should always begin your commercial space search by thinking about and focusing on all your business needs.  Then match up each type of space, ask all the right questions, and make sure that whatever space you end up leasing addresses all your business needs.


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