What’s Hot and What’s Not for Software & Tech Office Space?

To compete for great talent in todays market software & tech companies MUST have killer office space.  Most employees today have zero interest in working 9-5 in a boring cubicle.  So what makes office space hot or not?  These days it’s more than just paint and carpet.  There many things that go into making office space cool and fun for employees such as free laundry and food services, location that identifies with multiple generations, office layout, games & events, etc..

Open Office Layouts

Yes the trend is still going on.  Tech and software companies like them because it puts everyone on the same level and allows for more collaboration, communication, and interaction between all employees and departments.  It also allows companies to be more efficient with their real estate and reduce square footage.  While open office layouts do have advantages they also can be noisy and disruptive to some, which is why companies are also adding a few break out rooms, focus rooms, phone rooms, and conference rooms for those who need more privacy and concentration.


Everyone likes the atmosphere of a coffee shop.  It’s a communal environment.  You are seeing a lot of companies build out a coffee shop like break area that fosters more interaction with others outside their departments.


These have become a sought after amenity.  If it’s not available then people are creating it by bringing the outside in by installing fake grass.

Creating Multiple Locations Where Work Can Happen

No long is your desk the only place you can work in the office.  Work can happen anywhere.  Companies are creating hot desks, break out rooms, seating areas in what used to be unused space, and more to encourage employees to move around the organization.  This has improved engagement and is building more of a community as departments get to know each other better.

Multi-Use Rooms and Areas

A break area is not just a break area anymore.  To use real estate efficiently companies have to think of creative ways to make multi-use space.  When not being used a break area it can also be a place to have a meeting, to learn, to educate, to gather, or just a place to get away from your desk and get some work done.  Space needs to be flexible and thought of in terms of job function, activities, and employee behaviors.


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