Who Determines the Best Office Space Layout For Your Company?

Every day we see new articles about trends in office space design and a lot of them contradict each other.  Do you incorporate more hard-walled offices or have a more open office layout?  What works best for one company may not work for another AND what works best for your company today may not work tomorrow!

Who determines what the future of office space design really will be? 

  1. Is it architects and designers who are trying to make the office environment more collaborative, productive, and socially engaging? or
  2. Company leaders who want what is BEST for their employees who each have different job function needs and personal preferences? or
  3. Employees with special job needs and preferences that allow them to be happy and productive?

At the end of the what really matters is your bottom line!  Productive, happy employees produce results.  Every company culture is different and every employee has either a job function or personality that must be taken into consideration to ensure that they are as happy and productive as possible.

I think companies need to take more control of and/or get more involved in the office design process.  Additionally companies need to engage their employees in the office design process.  Pick a few people (not just managers but also employees on the front line) and allow them to be on the design team and involved in every aspect of the process.  Let them engage with and get input from other employees about their personal preferences, job functions, special needs, etc.

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