Why Hire a Commercial Realtor that Only Represents Tenants?

Why Hire a Commercial Realtor that Only Represents Tenants?When you are considering hiring a commercial real estate agent you need to be aware of they type of brokerage they work for.  Some companies are full service, meaning they represent Landlords & Tenants.  Others (the minority) ONLY represent the best interest of Tenants and do not have commercial listings of their own.

You may ask …. Why does this matter?

In a full service commercial real estate company the potential for conflicts of interest are very high.  For example suppose your company hired a commercial real estate agent who specializes in representing tenants to help you find space, however that agent works for a full service commercial real estate firm.  What if that agent shows you commercial space that his company is listing (representing)?  Meaning……..that agent probably sits in a desk next to the agent who is listing the property that you are interested in.  How do you think lease negotiations will go.

In most cases building owners are more lucrative clients for commercial real estate firms since they typically own more than one building, AND there are also property management opportunities for that firm which means even more upside.  If your agents commercial real estate company is also representing a building owner (landlord) how far is your agent willing to push during negotiations?  Are they willing to fight for every dollar?  Is it possible for you to get the best deal if your agents company is negotiating on both sides of the table?

Ideally you want to hire a commercial real estate company that ONLY represents Tenants & Buyers that have zero interest in promoting one property over another.  This will ensure that your agent has a narrow focus and the ability to create a competitive environment between buildings owners to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

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