Why Shop and Buy Local?

When you shop do you ever stop and think about the impact of buying and shopping locally vs purchasing from big box retailers?  Every wonder how much your city stands to lose or gain everytime you purchase products from Big Box retailers?  Custommade, an online platform that connects buyers with local merchants created the infographic below that summarizes how thinking and buying local can help your economy and environment.

Facts about buying local vs from big box retailers

  • Local business are able to generate more dollars per sf than big box retailers which means more tax revenue for your local economy.  A lot of big box retailers operate at a deficit…………….Deficit equals NO money for local economy.
  • Buying from local businesses creates 3.5 times more wealth for the local economies vs buying from big box retailers
  • Buying local helps the enviromment by cutton down on processing, packaging, and transportation waste.
  • Local businesses are more likely to use recycled materials to create products
  • If every family household spend just an extra $10 per month at locally owned businesses instead of national chains over $9 billion would be added to our economy.
  • Local businesses are the backbone of your local community and are more likely to give back as they are typically the largest donors to local nonprofits
  • More and more cities are becoming aware of these facts and taking action.  For example Austin’s Independent Business Alliance has the slogan Think Local, Be Local, Buy Local

why buy local

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