Willie Nelson’s Hill Country Golf Course on The Market for $3M

Yes, we cannot resist talking about Willie Nelson’s nine-hole golf course property that is located in the hill-country side, which is currently for sale for $3M dollars!

The golf course is a 75-acre of land that has been on sale in the market since summer this year.   Laura Gottesman, broker, offers the property with its tag line of a nine-hole recreational golf course located in the Texas Hill Country.

The property has been a close hangout for Willie’s family and friends whenever they want to celebrate music, the iconic owner, Willie Nelson, and Texas! The deed is restricted to have the buyer keep the property as a golf course, or it can be converted to a park-like use with some conditions that are negotiable.

The property was purchased in 1979 and was originally built in 1969. Nelson kept the property as a casual getaway and business place. The property was open for people who wanted to play golf whenever they like. The property has been considered an expensive toy for Willie Nelson through the years.

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