Workspace can reinforce company culture

office space meeting are austin txFor companies to continue growing, attracting and retaining the best talent, increasing productivity, and keeping employees happy it’s important that they rethink the importance of WORKSPACE  now and in the coming years.

Mark McClain, CEO and co-f0under of SailPoint Technologies suggests that companies do the following:

  • Provide an envionment that shows visitors that you are doing well and growing, however not over the top.  If you are a startup you want to portray the message that you are spending money where it matters most and not being careless.
  •   When designing your office space layout take into consideration the needs of your company’s culture and employees.  What layout will make them the most productive and happy?  What design makes the most sense based on the day to day job functions of each employee?
  • Create spaces large enough to have company gatherings and meetings.  This will encourage face time with employees as well as with company executives.

No two companies are alike and one office space design is not going to satisfy the needs and job functions of all.  For some it’s beneficial to get the employees involved in the design process.  Office space design is more than trying to figure out how you can squeeze in the most number of people.  It’s also about designing the office in a way that matches job functions and increases productivity.

At the end of the day your companies ultimate goal is to increase the bottom line.  Spending more time (and money in some cases) on office space design just might be the solution.

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