Yelp is Great for Finding Reviews about Austin Commercial Realtors

There are a lot of great Austin commercial real estate brokers out there so how do you go about picking one?  Well for starters you can get referrals from other business owners and/or companies that have used commercial realtors before to find Austin office space & commercial real estate properties for lease or sale.

You can also do a search on Google for keywords such as Austin office space for lease or commercial real estate for sale in Austin and check out the number of reviews they have.  If you find one that has a lot of reviews it’s safe to say that they must be doing something right.

Yelp.com is also a great source for researching commercial brokers.  The more reviews they have the better chances you have at finding the right one to represent your business.

At the end of the day you need to do your homework.  Find a good broker that has transaction experience, great market knowledge, and strong relationships within the brokerage community.



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