Austin Office Space For Sale

There is a lot of Austin Office Space for Sale however purchasing Austin space is not always the best decision for every business. If you have a solid employee base and will need significant space in future, you can consider owing your own commercial space.

Austin Commercial Real Estate For Sale

Austin Tenant Advisors uses a proven process to ensure that every small detail is included, and that all your requirements are met. Our services include the following:
Determine Your Needs – We will assist you in finding the ideal office space, and help you to make this process as easy and simple as possible. • Determine the perfect space for your business; • Determine what your business’ future requirements might be; • Estimate the appropriate monthly payment that you will be able to afford.
Provide You a List of Options – We research and compare available properties amenity and selling prices, as well as research lease rates of comparable properties. We work with you and your financial professional to give you a preliminary estimate of your potential ownership payments and conduct a lease vs. purchase analysis to determine which option is right for you.
Choose a Support Team – Now is a good time to start consulting with your mortgage broker, attorney, CPA or financial advisor, architect and/or space planner, and interior designer. If you don’t have a current relationship with one of the above, We can help connect you.
Tour and Evaluate Properties – We tour the most desirable properties with you to evaluate the physical, operational, location and preliminary economic attributes against your criteria. Given the results of the property tour, decisions can now be made on how favorably each building compares to your ideal criteria and a final list of 2-3 alternatives can be chosen.
Analyze Alternatives – After conducting a complete analysis, we can provide you with all your options and weigh each of the benefits and advantages it offers.
Negotiation and Final Selection – Together we will identify and select the best property based on the objective and subjective criteria we set and prepare and present a sales contract or letter of intent. Counter offers may go back and forth until we feel the sellers have proposed their best, competitive offer, which at that time the contract can be executed and earnest money can be given to the title company handling the transaction.
Due Diligence Period – We work closely with you to ensure that you have time to conduct physical and environmental inspections of the property, verification of zoning or applications for approval of use, and negotiate repairs as needed. This is also a good time to request pricing estimates from contractors and other service providers for potential space improvements, as well as submit the contract and relevant financial information to your lender.
Settlement – If inspections meet your approval we may proceed with the sale, setting a closing date and time, review closing statements, finalizing the mortgage application, and purchase title insurance.
Construction & Move-in Coordination – We will work with the contractor, and architect to insure that the space is built out on time, and according to the specifications you set. Our strategic alliance with related services providers (ie: internet, phone, movers) ensures you are consulted in every detail of the move-in process.

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