Calculate Months Between Two Dates For Commercial Lease Terms

We created this calculator to give tenants an easy way to count how many months are remaining on their commercial leases. The only other way to do it is to calculate months between two dates in excel, however that requires knowing a bunch of formulas. Businesses are busy enough as it is, let alone trying to figure out how to calculate months between 2 dates.

Commercial Lease Terms

Most commercial lease terms are going to be 3-5 years long starting on the first of the month and expiring 3-5 years later at the end of the month-prior to the lease start date.

For example:

  • In a 3 year lease that commenced on 2/1/2020 the lease would end on 1/31/2023.
  • In a 5 year lease that started on 3/1/2020 the lease would expire on 2/28/2025.
For our online calculator to accurately calculate months between dates the user must enter the first day of the month rather than the end of the prior month. So in the 3 year example above rather than enter 1/31/2023 you would enter 2/1/2023. In the 5 year example rather than enter 2/28/2025 you would enter 3/1/2025

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