The Driskill Austin Tx

Located in the heart of downtown Austin, Tx the Driskill Austin is a charming, historic hotel that’s still family owned. It was the first hotel in the state of Texas and the oldest in continuous operation. The hotel was designed by noted architect Jasper N. Preston and is made of over six million pressed bricks with white limestone accents. The facade features three limestone busts of President Johnson and Lady Bird and decorative carvings. In 1886, it had 60 guest rooms. Twelve of those featured attached baths.

In the early 1990s, a bride checked into the Driskill with over $40k in her bag. She went on a shopping spree and a culinary free-for-all. After she landed in her room, she piled all her swag next to the bed. Then, she pulled out a gun and shot herself in the head. The ghost of the bride has been seen towing her bags around the hotel, but this story is probably fiction.

The Driskill Austin is located in a historic district. It’s easy to spot because it was constructed in the late 19th century. The decor is reminiscent of the time of the Spanish Missions. The lobby is dimly lit and contains marble floors, a stained glass ceiling, and comfy wingback chairs with palm-tree plants. There are two elevators in the building. The hotel also offers complimentary parking and free Wi-Fi.

Despite its modern surroundings, the Driskill stands out in its ambiance. The lobby is adorned with late nineteenth-century architecture. It has a stained-glass ceiling and marble floors. Inside, the lobby is stocked with palm-tree plants and cozy wingback chairs. A small museum is also located in the hotel. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy an evening with a loved one in a cozy bar and within walking distance of the Texas State Capital.

The Driskill Austin is the oldest and largest hotel in the city. It is a historic property with many historical significance. The Driskill Austin is where LBJ and Lady Bird had their first date. In the Civil War, the Citadel Club was the meeting place for state senators. In recent years, the building has undergone several renovations. Its modern amenities include a restaurant, spa, and meeting space.

The Driskill Austin is a luxury hotel with a charming and historic past. It is a favorite with locals and visitors alike. It is a landmark in the city. The Driskill Austin is one of the most haunted hotels in the city. While it is a charming, historic hotel, it is also a popular business location. It’s located in the heart of downtown Austin. The interiors of the building are furnished with wood and glass, and have a classic, Victorian-style look.

The Driskill Austin is one of the oldest hotels in the city. Built in 1886, the hotel has been a popular place to stay in the heart of the Live Music Capital. Its history is reflected in the architecture of the hotel, with period decor blending seamlessly with modern amenities. All rooms feature plasma TVs and complimentary high-speed internet. Dining at The Driskill Austin is an unforgettable experience. The restaurant serves delicious dishes and is one of the most romantic in the city.

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