10 Retail Innovations That Are Changing How Stores Operate

As we discussed in a previous post there is no doubt that online shoppers will continue to make it hard for brick-n-mortar retailers to be profitable, however with some out of the box thinking and smart marketing tactics there are ways to get shoppers back in the door.

Below are a few ideas for retailers to consider:

  1. The use of hidden cameras – that use face recognition software to determine a person’s age, gender, and race.
  2. RFID Technology – used to create advertisements based on what you carry in the store.
  3. Customer loyalty programs
  4. Dispalys that are interactive and engage the customer
  5. Offer same day delivery service
  6. Mobile point of sale systems  – Allow employees to take payment on the sales floor
  7. Allow shoppers to mobily scan products as they shop
  8. Take control of showrooming and make it positive
  9. Automate by having robots bring clothes to shopper dressing rooms
  10. Create lockers where customers can pick up purchased items

Read the full story here http://www.retaildive.com/news/10-retail-innovations-that-are-changing-how-stores-operate/139084/

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