Best Commercial Real Estate Companies in Austin, Tx (Reviews/Ratings)

best austin commercial real estate company If your business leases or rents office, retail, or warehouse space in Austin, Tx or you are an investor that purchases commercial real estate properties chances are you will need the services of an Austin commercial real estate company at some point.  It’s important that you find one that best fits your company’s unique and important needs so it’s probably a good idea to research a few of the best commercial real estate companies in Austin, Tx.

While we have assisted over 400 companies in making the best educated decisions about their commercial real estate space for lease, rent or sale we understand that you might still want to consider all your options before selecting a commercial real estate company to work with.  It is common for companies to ask us this question: “Who are some of the other commercial real estate companies in Austin?” That is why we have compiled a list of some of the other companies that provide CRE services in the Austin, Tx Metro area.

Never one to shy away from being totally transparent and honest with respect to competition and wanting our potential clients and current clients to be as informed as possible, below is a list of other Austin commercial real estate companies (in no particular order):

Peloton Commercial Real Estate Austin: Founded in 2013, all these guys have years of experience from other companies and are one of the best landlord reps in Austin. They are a full service commercial real estate company that manages and leases over 3 million sf of office and industrial space in Austin, Tx.  They are quick to respond regardless of you size (small or large) and do a good job of marketing the buildings for their owners.

The Kucera Companies:  Founded in 1976 they are one of the oldest full service commercial real estate companies in Austin.  With over 40 employees their focus is primarily landlord representation with most of their inventory in NW Austin.  These guys are top notch.  They never make you feel like your client is too small.  They treat all prospective tenants (regardless of size) with the same level of professionalism and attention.  If you are a building owner and are looking for one of the best building marketers these guys are it.

Stream Realty:  Headquartered in Dallas however have an office in Austin these guys are a full service commercial real estate company.  They operate in most major markets as well.  The Austin office was founded in 1997 by executives of previous CRE companies.  They offer services ranging from property leasing, tenant representation, project management, investment sales, multi-family, etc…  In Austin their focus is primarily helping buildings owners lease office space however they do manage the leasing for quite a few industrial and retail projects as well.

HPI Real Estate Services:  Has been around for the last 20 years and started as a development firm then transformed into a full service CRE firm.   They provide property management and leasing services, tenant representation, and construction management services.  The types of properties they primarily focus on are office and industrial and they own/manage a number of those themselves.

So there are a few companies to consider if you need commercial real estate services in Austin, Tx.

Things to Remember

Now that you are armed with some of the basic information on the best commercial real estate companies in Austin, consider the services your business requires so that you can better fit your needs with the perfect CRE firm.  You want to make sure that they have your best interests in mind and that there will be no conflicts of interest.

Remember to consider the following factors while doing so:

  • Know which person or persons at the company that you would ACTUALLY be working with and their experience
  • What are their areas of expertise?
  • Are there any potential conflicts of interest?  For example are they representing you or the building that they are marketing?
  • Before you choose a CRE company to work with check out their reputation on these sites:  Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau

Although you could choose a different Austin commercial real estate company, you can’t go wrong with choosing Austin Tenant Advisors.  We only represent the best interests of tenants and buyers in the search, selection, and negotiation of office, retail, medical, & warehouse space for lease, rent, or sale so you can be sure there won’t be any conflicts of interest.  We have over 10 years experience in the Austin metro area and have successfully executed over 400 lease and purchase deals.  With your best interest & business objectives being our ONLY priority our services can help you make educated decisions about your business space and execute effective commercial real estate solutions.

We have written a lot of helpful articles with tips and advice on leasing & buying office space, retail space, and warehouse space.  Check them out below:

If you need help with finding your next Austin office or warehouse space for lease or purchase don’t hesitate to contact us.  You can fill out our form here or call 512-861-0525


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